Dr.Ashish Joint Replacement Center is one of the Best Joint Replacement Centers in Patna, which is a pioneer in providing the best joint replacement surgeries using Robotic Technology.

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AJRC Address: GC-5, GC-6, 5th Floor, Savera Hospital Campus, Lohiya nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 800020, India.

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Best Arthroplasty Treatment In Patna

Dr. Ashish Singh - best arthroplasty surgeon and a prominent figure in the field, continues to lead in the advancements of arthroplasty. Through active participation in arthroplasty conferences worldwide, he ensures that our patients receive the latest, safest, and most cutting-edge procedures and services.

AJRC, a name synonymous with expertise and innovation, stands as your reliable ally on the path to improved joint health and mobility. Our commitment to pioneering best arthroplasty techniques empowers patients to reclaim their quality of life, benefiting from state-of-the-art surgical solutions.

Knee arthroplasty
Knee arthroplasty in bihar

Meet Our Expert at AJRC: Dr. Ashish Singh

At Ashish Joint Replacement Centre (AJRC), we are proud to introduce our distinguished expert, Dr. Ashish Singh, who leads the way in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery. With extensive experience and a stellar reputation, Dr. Ashish Singh is renowned for his expertise in Arthroplasty.

As an internationally recognized Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Ashish Singh has not only set new trends but also consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in joint health and mobility. His commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field ensures that our patients receive the latest and safest procedures and services.

Makoplasty Robotic Surgery

MakoPlasty, also recognized as Robotic Assisted Surgery for joint replacement, introduces a revolutionary approach for individuals dealing with degenerative joint conditions, offering newfound optimism. Here's an overview of how this transformative technology operates:

Precision with Robotic Arm: MakoPlasty utilizes the impressive capabilities of the Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System. This cutting-edge robotic arm collaborates with surgeons to ensure the exact placement of joint prostheses, redefining the precision and reliability of joint replacement procedures.

State-of-the-Art Technology:At the core of MakoPlasty is the Leo 2 Mako robotic arm, a technological marvel that provides surgeons with a dynamic 3-D model, significantly enhancing surgical preparation. Surgeons can meticulously plan the replacement of knee or hip implants both before and during the surgery, achieving an unparalleled level of precision and customization.

The Benefits of MakoPlasty

MakoPlasty offers a plethora of advantages, reshaping the landscape of joint replacement surgery:

Total hip arthroplasty
  • Quicker Relief from Pain:

    Patients experience faster relief from the pain associated with degenerative joint conditions.
  • Improved Surgical Outcomes:

    The precision of the robotic arm results in enhanced surgical outcomes, ensuring patients regain their mobility and quality of life.
  • Quicker Recovery:

    With MakoPlasty, recovery time shrinks from months to weeks, allowing patients to return to their daily lives faster. Smaller Incision, Less Scarring: The use of robotics permits smaller incisions, minimizing scarring and discomfort.
  • Reduced Blood Loss:

    MakoPlasty significantly reduces blood loss during surgery, promoting safety and a smoother recovery.
  • Shorter Hospital Stay:

    Patients benefit from a shorter hospital stay, spending less time away from the comfort of their homes. A More Natural-Feeling Joint: Following MakoPlasty, patients enjoy the benefits of a joint that feels remarkably natural, allowing them to embrace life with renewed vigor and mobility.

Indications for Arthroplasty Surgery

Severe Pain and Disability

Joint Pain

Bone Tumors

Limited Range of motions

How much does Arthroplasty Surgery Cost?

At AJRC Patna, the surgeon assesses your individual condition, age, body weight, and health status to recommend the most suitable treatment plan, whether it involves single or bilateral procedures. The actual cost is provided after consultation, but an indicative quote can be obtained earlier.

The Cost for Arthroplasty Surgery depends on the following factors:

  • The Specific Procedures to be performed.

  • The overall health status of the patient.

  • The technique and equipment used for the treatment.

  • Get the best Consultation, Book your appointment today!

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Really experienced doctor in Patna. Best orthopaedic surgeon in Patna. Robotic treatment given at minimal price. I suggest you to visit for best treatments.

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best treatment we have got in AJRC Good doctors and sisters and brothers all staff behaviors good.

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Efficient and instant response. Humble treatment by Dr Ashish Singh sir and team. Patient name MIRAJUDDIN AHMED From Tinsukia assam.


Best doctor in patna orthopaedic... Dr Ashish sir is very good person and helpful most importantly behaviour is very nice...

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robotic hip replacement center patna

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Makoplasty Robotic Surgery

Arthroplasty Surgery FAQs

Arthroplasty surgery, commonly known as joint replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure where a damaged or diseased joint is replaced with an artificial joint or prosthesis. It is commonly performed on joints such as the hip and knee to relieve pain and improve joint function.

Arthroplasty can be performed on various joints, including the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle. The choice of joint replacement depends on the specific condition affecting the patient.

In partial joint replacement, only the damaged part of the joint is replaced, preserving healthy bone and tissue. Total joint replacement involves replacing the entire joint. The choice depends on the extent of joint damage and the patient's condition.

The procedure may be performed on an outpatient basis, resulting in a much shorter hospital stay than traditional hip or knee replacement surgery requires. More rapid relief from pain, a faster recovery and a quicker return to day-to-day activities.