Dr.Ashish Joint Replacement Center is one of the Best Joint Replacement Centers in Patna, which is a pioneer in providing the best joint replacement surgeries using Robotic Technology.

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AJRC Address: GC-5, GC-6, 5th Floor, Savera Hospital Campus, Lohiya nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 800020, India.

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Joint Preservation Center In Patna, India

At Ashish Joint Replacement Centre (AJRC), we understand the significance of joint preservation as a pivotal approach to delay or even eliminate the need for joint preservation surgery. This proactive strategy offers a multitude of advantages, notably reducing the risks associated with implant surgery and infection, ensuring the well-being of our patients.

The ultimate objective of joint preservation is to rejuvenate the normal, pain-free function of joints, such as the knee, hip, and shoulder. This is achieved through a personalised and versatile approach, encompassing a range of treatment options. These may involve simple activity adjustments, specialised physical therapy, targeted medications, precise injections, and, when necessary, surgical interventions.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every patient, our joint preservation strategy is tailored to individual factors such as age, activity level, expectations, and the extent of joint dysfunction. This ensures that each patient receives a customised plan, specifically designed to address their particular needs and aspirations.

Knee joint preservation center

Joint preservation at AJRC embodies a patient-centred and forward-thinking approach. It revolves around the core principle of safeguarding joint health and function, ultimately enhancing the quality of life. Our goal is to empower patients to regain mobility, reduce pain, and enjoy an active lifestyle without the immediate necessity of joint replacement surgery. With AJRC's Joint Preservation Centre in Patna, we redefine the path to a pain-free, mobile life, one patient at a time.

Types of Joint Preservation Surgery

1. Elbow Preservation -

AJRC’s Elbow Preservation Center is dedicated to providing specialised, expert care for various elbow-related issues. With a team of experienced physicians and therapists, we offer cutting-edge treatments tailored to your unique condition, focusing on pain reduction, improved function, and an enhanced quality of life, while prioritizing non-surgical approaches whenever possible.

2. Shoulder Joint Preservation -

Our Shoulder Joint Preservation Center is your destination for specialised care focused on preserving shoulder health. Our team of experienced physicians and therapists is dedicated to offering cutting-edge treatments tailored to your unique condition, with an emphasis on reducing pain, improving function, and enhancing your overall quality of life. Whenever possible, we prioritise non-surgical approaches to ensure your shoulder's longevity and your continued mobility.

3. Hand & Wrist Preservation -

Our Hand & Wrist Preservation Center is your premier destination for specialised care dedicated to preserving the health and functionality of your hands and wrists. With a team of highly skilled physicians and therapists, we provide cutting-edge treatments customised to your unique need.

4. Hip Joint Preservation -

AJRC’s Hip Joint Preservation Center is your gateway to specialised care aimed at preserving hip health. With a team of experienced physicians and therapists, we offer cutting-edge treatments personalised to your unique condition, with a focus on pain reduction, enhanced mobility, and an improved quality of life.

5. Knee Joint Preservation -

At our Knee Joint Preservation Center, we are dedicated to providing specialised care for the preservation of your knee health. Our team of skilled physicians and therapists is committed to delivering cutting-edge treatments for knee preservation surgery tailored to your individual needs. We emphasise pain reduction, improved function, and an enhanced quality of life, all while prioritising non-surgical solutions whenever possible.

6. Foot & Ankle Joint Preservation -

The intricate and hardworking foot and ankle joints are essential for our everyday lives. As the foundation for our body's mobility, these joints endure significant stress and demand. Comprising multiple bones, tendons, and ligaments, the foot and ankle support our weight and facilitate movement in various directions. Their complexity, while enabling versatility, also makes them vulnerable to a range of injuries and conditions. At our Foot & Ankle Joint Preservation Center, we are dedicated to safeguarding the health of these vital joints, ensuring they continue to serve you well in maintaining an active and pain-free lifestyle

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S Sharma

best treatment we have got in AJRC Good doctors and sisters and brothers all staff behaviors good.

Barun Chandra Sarkar

Efficient and instant response. Humble treatment by Dr Ashish Singh sir and team. Patient name MIRAJUDDIN AHMED From Tinsukia assam.


Best doctor in patna orthopaedic... Dr Ashish sir is very good person and helpful most importantly behaviour is very nice...

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Joint Preservation Center FAQs

Replacement of a worn-out joint's surface with a metal, ceramic, or plastic device is known as joint replacement. A type of treatment known as joint preservation focuses on realigning joints or covering them with a living surface.

Recovery time varies based on the type of procedure and individual factors. Some procedures may have shorter recovery periods compared to traditional joint surgeries.

Joint Preservation Centers offer a range of treatments, including non-surgical options like physical therapy and medications, as well as advanced surgical interventions such as arthroscopy and regenerative medicine therapies.