Dr.Ashish Joint Replacement Center is one of the Best Joint Replacement Centers in Patna, which is a pioneer in providing the best joint replacement surgeries using Robotic Technology.

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AJRC Address: GC-5, GC-6, 5th Floor, Savera Hospital Campus, Lohiya nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 800020, India.

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Robotic Joint Replacement Center

Robotic Joint Replacement Center in Patna

At AJRC, we leverage cutting-edge technology to offer precision-driven orthopedic care. Our Robotic Joint Replacement Center is at the forefront of innovative procedures, providing patients with advanced solutions for joint issues.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our center is equipped with the latest robotic technology, offering exceptional accuracy and personalized care in joint replacement surgeries. Robotic-assisted procedures are designed to optimize surgical outcomes, ensuring minimal invasiveness and fastest recovery times.

Why Choose Robotic Joint Replacement?

Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery allows our expert orthopedic surgeons to create a highly customized treatment plan for each patient. With 3D mapping and computer-assisted technology, the procedure ensures unparalleled precision and accuracy during the operation.

Joint Replacement Center Patna

Benefits Of Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

  • Lesser Pain
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Natural feeling of joint
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Lesser blood loss
  • Reduces Revision Surgeries
  • Reduces complication rates
  • Improves implant accuracy
  • Patient specific pre-operating

Orthopedic Joint replacement center

Indications for Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Several Joint Pain

Difficulty in walking, running, climbing stairs.

Limited range of motion

Joint Stiffness

How much does Robotic Joint Replacement Cost?

At AJRC Patna, the surgeon assesses your individual condition, age, body weight, and health status to recommend the most suitable treatment plan, whether it involves single or bilateral procedures. The actual cost is provided after consultation, but an indicative quote can be obtained earlier.

The Cost for Joint Replacement Surgery depends on the following factors:

  • The Specific Procedures to be performed.

  • The overall health status of the patient.

  • The technique and equipment used for the treatment.

  • Get the best Orthopedic Consultation, Book your appointment today!

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Patient Success Stories

Best Hospital for all orthopedic problems in Bihar and north India. Doctors, management and housekeeping staffs are very good and cooperative. Hygiene and cleaned. Must visit hospital for any problems related to orthopedic.

Dhirendra Kumar

My grandfather is admitted here and treatment is best here, Doctors and staffs are very polite and friendly. Hospital is cleaned and best orthopedic treatment is given here. Housekeeping and Management staffs are good. Recommended for all.

Preeti Kumar Singh

Earlier I had severe pain and was unable to walk. Met few Ortho but didn't worked .
Dr Ashish suggested for surgery of the
knee and now from day one I am happy and pain is no where it seems my days changed now

Ashutosh Kumar

robotic hip replacement center patna

Robotic Joint Replacement FAQs

robotic hip surgery

Robotic joint replacement is an advanced surgical technique that involves the use of a robotic system to assist orthopedic surgeons during joint replacement procedures. The robotic system provides enhanced precision, allowing for more accurate placement of implants.

Robotic joint replacement surgery offers several benefits, including increased precision in implant placement, smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and faster recovery times compared to traditional methods.

Many patients experience a faster recovery with robotic joint replacement compared to traditional surgery. Recovery periods can vary depending on the type of joint replaced and individual patient factors.

Robotic assisted surgery is less invasive than conventional surgery therefore pain is less and recovery is faster. Patient will be discharged in a few days depending on the condition/comorbidities of the patient.

Being the top robotic joint replacement center AJRC has the best and experienced doctors team with world’s renowned orthopedic expert Dr. Ashish Singh. AJRC is equipped with top medical technology and facilities like:

  • Leo II ,Mako,Robotic Guided Surgery etc.
  • Smart Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 24*7 pharmacy
  • Radiology (CT – Scan , Digital X – Ray)
  • Food & Canteen Services
  • Travel and Visa Facilities for International Patients.

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